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Droid VPN settings for FREE internet. Learn how to get unlimited data with Droid VPN free account and get the latest settings for your local network

Posted At: Mar 26, 2024 - 73 Views

DroidVPN Settings For Free Internet 2024 Fastest Droid VPN Settings

DroidVPN is one of the best apps that can provide you with free internet access, the most important thing is to get the right settings that I'm going to give you.

It is very easy to use this settings to get unlimited internet access on your mobile, what you just have to do is to follow what I'm saying in this tutorial.

If you don't understand any part of this post please be sure to leave a comment so that we can assist you to get free data with Droid VPN.

Don't just did to ask any questions because some of these things get complicated and too hard to understand so it's your duty to ask where you might have left behind.

After reading this post you should be able to connect to free internet with Android VPN and get unlimited internet access without it any challenges.


This only can happen if you follow the proper instructions in this post without doing something that hasn't been mentioned in this post.

DroidVPN App

Android VPN is a mobile application that can be used by anyone to access the internet securely and protected their cells from online attacks and unlocking websites.

This app works in many countries and people can use it to get free data however, it doesn't work in all countries so you must check with yours.

It is very clever to test each and every VPN that we share on this website with your local networks to see if you can find one that works for your local network.

This will give you an idea on which VPN you should use and which one you should not use, you should acquire settings for the VPN apps that work in your country.

Probably because all the best of you being apps are best in different locations, there is no being up that you can work across all countries providing free data.

In addition, Droid VPN is a lightweight app that can be used by anyone to access the internet for free however it is some restrictions that I will teach you how to bypass.

The app allows free users to get only 300 MB on a daily basis while premium users will get unlimited bandwidth on a daily basis until their subscription expires.

Stay tuned I'll teach you how to get unlimited data with a great VPN on a free account, it is possible to get more than 300 MB with a free account.

DroidVPN APK Download

In order to get started you need to make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Droid VPN otherwise it's a non starter.

Downloading Droid VPN is very easy and can be done without any problems from this website using the download link that I'm going to share below.

I'm going to share to download links of Droid VPN APK download and you can choose whichever one that fits your Android device making sure that you get the right app.

The first one is for Android devices with Android version 9.0 and below and the other one is for Android devices with Android version 10.0 going up.

You should know the Android version of your phone, you just need to go to your phone settings and click on about to see which Android version you are using.

If you can't see then you might need to download all the apps and test which one will work best for you Android version.

Don't worry the APK files are very small, only 5 MB so if you don't know your Android version you need to download all of them and test one by one.

DroidVPN Settings

Droid VPN settings might be different depending on the network you are acquiring settings for and also your location, you should keep that in mind because it's important.

In this case I'm going to share with you but Droid VPN settings UDP and TCP so that you choose whichever one that might suit your network and get free data.

If you find out that any of the provided the settings are not working for you please be sure to let me know so that I can assist you with the best settings for your network.

It is important to include your location so that I know where you are from and also the network that you are trying to connect using is important.

We thought it was too much time let's see the best settings that you can use I'll start with TCP and you can either connect without proxy settings or you can include them, they are optional.

Please be advised to that you need to have an active Droid VPN account in order to be able to use the app and also the settings that I'm sharing.

Droid VPN TCP Settings

Droid VPN TCP settings are very easy and ideal for those with the networks that works best on TCP and if you are not sure about this you can just try.

First of all you need to download and install the app, use the download button above download the app, you can also download it from Google Play store.

Now you need to register in account that is if you don't have, if you already have an active Droid VPN account that's enough it will still work for this tutorial.

Open your Droid VPN app and enter your account credentials then click on the save button come on now we need to set up the app for using TCP settings.

On your app home screen click on the three lines on your upper left-hand side and click on settings then click on VPN connection settings, tick the first 4 options and make sure everything else is unchecked.

Now go to settings and click on TCP and HTTP and click on send http headers on TCP then on local TCP Port enter 443 and on remote TCP Port enter 9202.

Now you need to set the HTTP headers so click on set HTTP headers then do the following.

URL/HostISP website 
e.g (
Connection methodCONNECT
Injection methodNormal
Query methodLeave unchecked
Extra headersOnline Host, 
Keep Alive, User Agent 

Once you have filled up the information in the table about you need to click the generate button, the validate and then finally click on the save button.

After that go back to the VPN homepage and start the connection process, you should make sure that you are connecting on HTTP not UDP or ICMP.

Keep on trying the connection and if it fails you can check out the connection method below it might work for you if not you should add the proxy method.

Droid VPN Proxy Settings

The proxy settings are there to enhance your internet connection and they add the best if you are having challenges to connect to the free internet.

Setting up the proxy is not very hard to those who know how to use proxy settings you can just copy the proxies below and do what you must do.

However, if you don't know how to set up the proxy settings for Droid VPN please check out the steps you should take to make sure that you have done it the right way.

Open the app and go to settings, click on TCP and HTTP, click on the proxy settings then do the following.

Enable proxyYes
Enable server as proxy No
Proxy host45.35.51.146 up to 150 & 2 to 46 to 50
Proxy port3128 or 80 

You should be using one proxy at a time and you must know that the meaning of up to, for example up to 150 means there are 5 proxy IP addresses that are




After that you need to click on set proxy http headers and on this section you need to change only two things that is URL/host and extra headers.

On URL/host enter you ISP website e.g ( then on extra headers tick only keep alive then Generate, Validate and Save.

These are the proxy settings now you can go back and try to connect again, this time it should be working and you should see a difference from last time.

Droid VPN UDP Settings

Droid VPN UDP settings are very easy to set up and they are different from TCP and HTTP, the other thing is that the work on their own without a combination with proxy settings.

To get started you need to go to settings and click on UDP settings then click on remote UDP port and enter 53 then local UDP port enter 65535.

Turn on UDP port testing and auto port scan then choose you DP mode click on mode 1 after that you need to set up the mode 1; Tcount 7 and Rcount 80

These are the UDP settings, if you did this you can now go back to Droid VPN homepage and set it on UDP then start connecting, good luck.


Droid VPN is the best of the pain that you can use to get free internet access especially if it works in your country you will have a great advantage.

Use the above settings to make sure that you get connected to free internet and if the settings are not working for you please let me know in the comment section.

But you must be sure that you have ever used Droid VPN to get free internet access in your country if not it might mean that it doesn't work.

And there are so many VPN apps that you can use to get free internet access, they are right on this website you can access them from this free data section.

However, if you don't find or what you're looking for you can feel free to request the VPN settings that might be missing on this website, the process is easy and free.

TechThere UK is year to assist you with all your VPN related issues and make sure that you get free and unlimited internet access with the help of different VPN apps.

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